Well, we are closing in on election day. It is estimated that over 66 million people have already cast their vote… 44 million by mail and 22 million in person. Almost 44% of registered voters in Fulton County have already cast their votes. In 2016 almost 139 million people voted representing near 55% of the voting age population.

Some are predicting that the records will be shattered this election cycle and more people will vote than ever before. It is good to see so many people become involved in the voting process. People should be excited about their right to vote.

An individual vote can make a difference.

A 19th century African-American preacher was once asked to explain the doctrine of election. His answer was the greatest ever and I have used it to give a simple answer to the doctrine of election on many occasions. He said, “The Lord He is always voting for a man, and the devil he is always voting against him; then the man himself votes, and that breaks the tie.”

You may have already voted, or you may be waiting for Nov 3rd. You may vote Republican, or you may vote Democrat. I do know there is a lot of passion this year in the electoral process.

I also know that whatever is decided on November 3rd will also one day pass away. It will become a part of time that is no more.

But let me remind you…you hold the deciding vote on your eternity. In the words of the 19 century preacher…”The Lord He is always voting for a man, and the devil he is always voting against him…” With passions running high about voting it might be a good time to ask yourself “Have I cast the deciding vote?” Your eternity depends on it.

This is my story…