North River Baptist Church is a very special place for me and my family. It is the fourth church I have had the privilege to serve as pastor. Fifth if you count the seminary church I co-pastored while in school.

I have been preaching for 51 years and have served as a full time pastor for 40 years. The journey has made me confident that God had a call and purpose for my life.

Rivelon Baptist Church in Orangeburg, SC allowed me to further my education, both formally and through experience. Serving as their youth pastor and then pastor after I finished seminary was one of the greatest experiences of my life. Maybe the building of the worship center there stirred my interest in construction, especially in the field of missions.

First Baptist Bishopville, in Bishopville, SC allowed me to sharpen my focus on mission projects. I will never forget our first trip to the Rio Grande Valley in Texas in 1991. I have not missed a summer since then doing some type of mission trip (of course, except this last year–curse you Covid-19). Bishopville taught me the importance of community beyond the walls of the church.

First Baptist Walterboro, in Walterboro, SC reaffirmed my calling and focus on youth. The youth in that congregation were exceptional, and still are. Some experiences in life teach you about what you want to be in life, and often what you do not want to be. Walterboro, was that kind of experience for me.

That brings me to North River Baptist Church–the closest to Heaven I have ever been in church life. North River affirms for me everyday that people can genuinely love God with all their heart, mind, body, and soul and their neighbor as their self. It is a place where me and my family feel genuinely appreciated as this past Sunday’s pastor appreciation and celebration of my 15th anniversary as pastor proved.

Thank you North River–and please know the Brown family loves you and appreciates each and every one of you.

This is my story…