Every now and then I get a strange, curious thought. Sometimes those thoughts are triggered by an event, something I saw, or maybe something I read. However, every now and then they just come out of nowhere.

For example, last night while I was in that in between state of being awake and in deep sleep–a thought, or maybe a question occurred to me. “What happened when the sun went down for the very first time?” Of course, I mean what was it like for that first human being who experienced the first sunset.

I thought to myself how frightened Adam must have been when, for the first time, he saw the sun disappear, ending the light of day. It was Adam’s first darkness. How could he accept the night, when he had never seen a dawn?

I know some rational, intellectual, smarter than me minds are already tearing apart question…but the basic question at hand still holds some truth to ponder……How could he accept the night, when he had never seen a dawn?

After the splendor of the sun, the darkness must have been frightening. The first fall of night could have left one in desperation and, maybe, even terror. But then Adam learned that the day would come again and the darkness would fade away.

The next night he may have looked into the dark skies to actually see how much light remains in the sky at night. The stars were a wonderful discovery that could only be seen in the night–the dark. They held a promise that the brightest star of all would soon return to light the day. In the darkness there was a sign of hope that the sun would return.

The night is never wholly dark and no night is endless.

If each of us could only learn that simple lesson from creation during our own times of trouble and darkness–The light is never far.

This is my story…