Once again the pandemic is effecting our Lenten Season. However, we will continue to celebrate and observe this special time of the year. Here some of the goals and events that we will focus on during Lent.

  1. Pastor Steve will continue his teaching on the Prodigal Son. The focus will be on the Journey Home.
  2. We will focus on increasing our post Covid average worship attendance during February and March. We are hoping to see our in person attendance increase as people are vaccinated, etc.
  3. We are hoping to have our highest post Covid in person attendance sometime during Lent–Maybe Easter Sunday!
  4. We will have a Good Friday Service on April 2, 2021–may be a hybrid service in person and online.
  5. Right now we are planning on a Sunrise Service on Easter Sunday, but will hold off on the final call until a little closer to time.
  6. The traditional Easter Breakfast will be determined a little closer to time according to circumstances.
  7. Of Course, we will celebrate Easter!! Hopefully this will be our highest in person post Covid attendance. We have already made the decision to remain online, even after it is safe to return to in person.