Tomorrow morning at 6am our mission team heads to Buckhorn, Ky for our Mission Serve Project.

Many have asked how they can support the project with prayer. So here is a prayer list….

  1. Pray for Steve and Lance as they coordinate the project. They make decisions that effect the lives of so many.
  2. Prayer for Teresa as she leads the group that will minister to recoverying women in Rogers Cabin.
  3. Pray for our construction team: Art, Woodrow, Joyce, Kevin and Gavin as they build a picnic shelter, tear off and replace decks, paint, and roof many of the buildings on the Buckhorn and Desi Scott Campus.
  4. Pray for Jennifer and Mahari as they minister to the boys with autism in North Cabin.
  5. Pray for our band: Courtney, Abner, Josh, Macie, China and Jon as they lead worship each night.
  6. Pray for Jon, Crenshaw, Joanna, Leena, Jonah, John, and Morgan as they serve in the kitchen.
  7. Pray for Steve’s volunteers: Grace, Diane, Abby, Adrian, and Matt as they do whatever is necessary to make the project run smooth.
  8. Pray for Bob and Zach as they lead us in worship in the absence of our praise band and pastor.
  9. Pray for the staff and clients of Buckhorn Children and Family Services as will come along side them for the week.

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