I am working from home today. Elections days seem to be somewhat chaotic at the church, since we are a polling place. The wonder of technology can be both a blessing and a curse. It is wonderful that I can access my work material almost anywhere–the curse, if only I knew how to do it!

I guess we all live in some form or another of that paradox. There is so much more, if only we knew how.

There are so many new and exciting people and friends out there, if we only knew how to meet them.

We are all learning there is much more about democracy, our government, and elections, if only we had known (should have paid more attention in my high school civics class!).

There is so much more valuable information in the Bible, if only we knew it.

We are live in that space between what we know and what we need to know. In that “in between” space we are bombarded with information–some true, some false, some rumored, some partly true and partly false. Social media has just intensified the struggle.

Some like to stay in the safe zone of only what they know. All new information is totally rejected and they feel safe and secure in what they know and do not have a desire to move beyond that point.

Others accept the unknown without filters and evaluation. They are willing to buy the next new phone, not based on what it offers or even if thy need what it offers, they just have to have the new technology. They accept information without checking the facts or even the sources. They accept views simply because someone says “The Bible says,” without ever reading for themselves.

Wisdom requires that someone moving from the known to the unknown does so weighing the source, the evidence, and the consequences. The new and unknown is not always dangerous–unless it has not been evaluated properly.

Here is the bottom line–wisdom will not always bring us all to the same conclusion. It will bring us to the point where we can live with ourselves and the decisions we each make. We should evaluate everything that comes from the unknown. It is not in our best interest not to. Some coming from the unknown is valuable and helpful to everyday life. Some is not.

This is my story…