Jesus came to a classroom of theologians and asked a question he had asked before, “Who do you say I am?” The theologians huddled for a bit and then came forth with their answer…

“You are the eschatological manifestation of the ground of our being, the kerygma in which we found the ultimate meaning of our interpersonal relationship.”

And Jesus said, “What?”

Sometimes in our attempt to clarify we actually obscure. Maybe a good new years resolution might be to get back in touch with some of the simple truths. The perfect storm of 2020 has left many confused and struggling for truth. The physical storm of the pandemic, the social storm of social unrest, the political storm of a rough election year, and the spiritual storm of the church trying to make sense of it all converge into this gigantic, perfect storm of confusion and unrest.

But when we peal back all of the layers we still are confronted with the question of Jesus “Who do you say I am?” We need a simple answer. We need an answer that brings comfort to a hurting people. We need an answer that is not set in political terms that accepts some but rejects others. We need an answer that will make the body of Christ genuine and alive to those who are seeking.

I propose a simple answer. He is my friend. As my friend he comforts when I hurt, listens when I am confused, gives direction when I am lost, and walks with me through the storm.

This is my story…