A public school teacher who has had more than her share of problems and frustrations during the Covid-19 pandemic has managed to maintain a pleasant countenance and a patient, understanding heart.

Schedules have been destroyed, goals adjusted, and emotions have run the roller coaster from beginning to end. The children she teaches have been pushed out of their comfort zone and forced to adjust to the every changing world of the pandemic.

How do they do it? How do teachers hurt so deeply and yet maintain calm and assurance on the outside? How do they continue to be strong for their students while they feel the whole world is collapsing? How do they balance the risk of the virus and care for their students?

One teacher being interviewed by the media was being asked similar questions. Her answer shed some light on the situation…”Inside, I have found that God meant exactly what he said–He does not give us more than we can bear. And on the outside, there’s always someone who has more problems that I have. By comparison, mine are small indeed!”

I am convinced that this attitude makes for patience in tribulation…

The great God inside of us pushes against all of the forces from the outside. He is stronger and more than able! He allows me to take care of someone else whose problems may be greater than mine. A part that is often forgotten is that there is someone out there whom God allows to take care of us.

As we give we should also be able to receive. It is a Biblical precept that we are to “take care of one another.”

This is my story…