Our church will be participating in the Mission Serve Project in Buckhorn, KY.  This will be our third year participating in this project.  Pastor Steve and Lance Brosovich will be serving at the Project Coordinator and Construction Coordinator.  Courtney, Josh, Eric, Pethel, and Abner will be the worship band.  Isaac, Matt, Colin, and Lauren will be Pastor Steve's volunteer staff.  Janne, Jon, Bruce, Scarlett, and Janne's Friend will be holding down the kitchen duties.  On top of all that we will have 22 participants.  We are asking for your prayer support.  This project is a very special project where the opportunities are abundant.  We could also use a little bit of travel money if you so desire to give.  We have the money to pay for our participants and to rent a van.  Gas and travel money is a little short.