I asked Siri "What should I be for Halloween?"  Yes, you can do that....and Siri will give you an answer.  Siri said I should be....

I love the Peter Pan quote "To live will be an awfully great adventure!"  As another young at heart, never grow up kind of guy, I concur.

Maybe he didn't like country music.  Maybe he didn't care for Jason Aldean.  Maybe he didn't like people having a good time?  Maybe he had lost a lot of money in the casino that day?

Friendship can be an awkward subject, as well as an awkward relationship.  Good friends are rare and often difficult to keep.

Every now and then I like to play "Let's Pretend."  It is a very popular game that I enjoy with my grandchildren every time I see them.  So, let's play "Let's Pretend."