Everyone has their favorite Christmas music and artists.  Everyone loves Bing Crosby's version of White Christmas and Joy to the World will always be a favorite no matter which artist or rendition.  So I confess my favorite is Silent Night by the ever soulful Temptations.  I can play it over and over, and love to sing along.  However, I cannot get as high as Eddie Kendricks or as low as Melvin Franklin so I just pick a part I am comfortable with and sing away (of course when no one else is listening).  It has been a tradition to play the Temptations Christmas Album while we decorate our tree--therefore, our girls learned to love it too.  And now my grandsons request the Temptations Christmas, especially Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer.  The tradition lives on.

Last night, I put the Temptations on and once again drifted back to the good old days when we would help Mom decorate the tree.  It never failed, at some point she would sit down at the piano and play Rudolf just for me.  The last time she ever played the piano she played Rudolf at my request.  Christmas memories are great to make and to remember. 

Ok, another confession, I am sitting here in my church office with the Temptations belting out Silver Bells...

City sidewalks, Busy sidewalks
Dressed in holiday style
in the air there is a feeling of Christmas...

I guess there really is in the air a feeling of Christmas.  What a great time to hear..

Children laughing
People passing
Meeting smile after smile

This is my story...