Hudson Taylor, a mighty man of faith and founder of the China Inland Mission, used to say that faith means "counting on God's faithfulness."  I have always found that definition of faith to be helpful in my Christian walk.  Faith is not some quality we can manufacture within ourselves.  Faith is simply depending on the faithfulness of the Lord.

I look around me every day and notice that there is plenty of change going on in today's world.  It is changing so rapidly one can hardly keep up with it.  It makes a mans head spin.  As Alexander Maclaren said many years ago, "The only certainty in the world is uncertainty."  But even though the world and all outward circumstances may change, God never changes.  What He was in the beginning, He is now, and ever shall be.  Even the writer of Hebrews indicated that "Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and today, and forever." (Hebrews 13:8).

And thus, my testimony today is simple.....The same Jesus I found as a child in 1964 is the same Jesus I serve and love in 2019 ( for the mathematicians reading that is 55 years).  55 of my 64 years of life have been in a relationship with the same Jesus.  My testimony continues....He is faithful.  The more I learn that faith is "counting on God's faithfulness," the more meaningful my life becomes.  He is faithful in the good times as well as the bad.  He is faithful, even when I struggle to see Him.  He is faithful, even when those around me are unfaithful.  

Politics are raging and uncertain, but my God is faithful.  Climate is changing and glaciers are melting, but my God is faithful.  Nuclear war is a threat that looms daily, but my God is faithful.  Friends my come and friends my go, but my God is faithful.  

My God is seems to just roll off the tongue, especially during the most uncertain of times.

This is my story...