The future of the church is secure.

Of course, the church with Christ as the head will be triumphant.  But we find evidence of that in the parts of the Body that function every day in the world in which we live.  For example, I had the privilege of working with several young college students last week Puerto Rico.  Although, I served along many, these four stood out in my mind that the church is alive and well and will continue to be so in the future.

 For example, I had the privilege of serving with Lauren, who was there as one of my volunteers.  She was there to do whatever was necessary to make sure the project was as successful as possible.  She unclogged toilets, cleaned showers, moved tools, took out the trash, and the list could go on and on and on.  Never a complaint.  Her servants heart shined like the noon day sun in Puerto Rico.  Or maybe I should say her heart shined like the Son.

Then there was my other volunteer, Sam.  Sam was on my squad when we went to Puerto Rico 2 years ago.  Sam is from Northport Church in Alabama and is one of the humblest people I have ever met.  Always ready to serve and looking for every opportunity to give of himself, always seeing the other person as more important than himself.  I do not believe that Sam could hurt another individual if his life depended on it.  His kindness, gentleness, and willingness demonstrated his commitment to Christ.

Then there was T.J. and Reece.  These two young men really stepped up and took on the responsibility of co-construction captains.  This is a role usually reserved for older and more experienced individuals.  Not only did they agree to the responsibility they also did an excellent job.  They finished their jobs with enthusiasm and expertise.  One day they will be excellent Construction Captains if they so desire to be.  

My point is simple.... the spirit of Christ is alive and well in the younger generation that follows us.  Thank you to all who served in Puerto Rico.  It was a great project that demonstrated that God is still moving among us and accomplishing His purposes in spite of all that tries to hide or stop it.

This is my story...