Our Mission Serve mission trip to Buckhorn, KY was powerful.

This was our third year to work with the Buckhorn Children and Family Services in the mountains of Eastern, Kentucky.  We were joined by several other churches who had also come all three years.  It was also good to have some new churches to join us for their very first time at this project.  It was good to renew old acquaintances and to establish some new long-term friendships.  It is always good when the Body of Christ joins together.

Of course, we also enjoyed seeing some old friends in Buckhorn, both staff and residents.

Eight churches came together to lead three-day camps...one for lower functioning boys with autism, one for higher functioning boys with autism, and one for girls who have been abused and are likely to harm themselves.  As a result, we were able to baptize three of the young ladies on Friday in the lake at Buckhorn State Park.  This represented a new beginning for these young ladies.  I was honored and privileged to have this opportunity.  Three of our eleven squads focused on the needs of these young residents and did an excellent job.  I am so proud of Teresa, Rachel, Olivia, Emily, Alyson and Nicole who worked with the girls, and Daniel and Grace who worked with the higher functioning boys with autism.

The other eight squads spread out over several buildings to put on new metal roofs, break up concrete and replace sidewalks, put in new windows, paint, replace handicapped ramps, and a long list of odd and end things that needed to be done.  After three years of work the facility has a fresh new look that has infused a sense of hope and pride in those who work there. 

Every night Mission Serve participants and residents and staff of the children's home gathered together for worship lead by the NRBC praise band.  They did an awesome job in leading all of us into the presence of God.  

I must also mention the kitchen group...Jon, Janne, Scarlett, and Mark fed us the whole week.  Of course, Lance, Matt and Colin jumped in to help with washing dishes and serving.  The food was wonderful, and the service was even better--always with a smile!!

I wish I had time and space to mention each individual person from North River who made an impact on this project.  The list is just too long.  I am so very proud to pastor North River.  However, if you would like to get a closer look at what happened this past week in Buckhorn you can click here.  Hope you enjoy.

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