In his later years Beethoven would spend hours playing a broken harpsichord.  The instrument was worthless.  Keys were missing.  Strings were stretched.  It was out of tune, harsh on the ears.

Nonetheless the great pianist would play till tears came down his cheeks.  To look at him, you would think he was hearing the sublime.  He was.  For he was deaf and hearing the sound the instrument should make, not the one it did make.

Sometimes I feel just like Beethoven's harpsichord.  Out of tune. Inadequate.  Insignificant.  Old. 

I have often wondered what God does when the instrument is broken?  What happens to the song when the strings are out of tune?  How does the Master respond when the keys do not work correctly?  

Does He turn and leave?  Does he demand a replacement?  Does he junk the old?  Or does he patiently tune until he hears the song he longs to hear?  

Most often when I feel like a broken harpsichord, I feel that others have left me, replaced me, or discarded me as junk.  In my mind I know it is not true, but when I feel broken and rejected these are the feelings that often rise to the surface.  We all live with the fear of being rejected and discarded--For some of us the fear can become paralyzing.  What always brings me back to center is the knowledge that the Great Musician does not reject the old harpsichord but continues to play it and hears the music as He desires.

This is my story...