I am only one.  But still, I am one.  I cannot 
do everything, but still I can do something.
And because I cannot do everything, I will
not refuse to do the something that I can do.

Those words by Edward Everett Hale have always been an inspiration to me.  Sometimes the task of being a pastor can become overwhelming.  Pastors often have a desire to do everything--you know, change the world.   I was recently reminded of doing the simple things while playing hide and seek with my granddaughter, Elsie.  It was the version where you hide an object in one hand and the child gets to guess as to which hand.  She giggled and laughed each time she uncovered the secret hand and quickly asked to do it again.  

It reminded me of a story I heard a while back.  I was traveling somewhere and listening to a talk show.  A lady called in to tell about her neighbor who had recently lost her small daughter in an accident.  She told of trying to explain to her own six-year-old daughter that everyone would have to be nice to Mrs. Smith; and explained how Mrs. Smith would not be able to talk with her daughter or hug her or do the wonderful things that mommies and daughters do together.  In the course of her conversation she tried to explain that Mrs. Smith had a "broken heart."

Later that afternoon the little six-year-old made her way next door to visit Mrs. Smith.  After saying hello the little child shyly held out her hand.  In her little hand was a Band-Aid.  "This is for your broken heart," the innocent child said sincerely.  Mrs. Smith held back the tears as she knelt down and hugged her little neighbor.

Mrs. Smith accepted the act of kindness and took it one step further.  She purchased a small key ring with a plexiglass picture frame--the ones designed to carry keys and display a family portrait at the same time.  Mrs. Smith placed the Band-Aid in the frame to remind herself to heal a little every time she sees it.  A simple act of kindness turned into a lifetime of healing.

Do not, and I will repeat, do not ever think that because you cannot do everything that you cannot do anything.  Everyone can do something--even if it is as simple as giving a Band-Aid to someone with a broken heart.

This is my story...