I once had the privilege of leading a college student to Christ after the death of his mother.  The college student attended, along with his mother, the church I served as pastor.

He followed me back to my office on the day that we laid mother rest.  She had been sick for some time and he had faithfully cared for her until her passing.  I was not sure what he had in mind when he said can we go somewhere private and talk.  

He began by telling me about the sermons I had preached on the deity of Christ, the inspiration of the Bible, and the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus.  He affirmed that he could answer the logic of every one of them.  He knew the right theological answers he had learned growing up in the church.  But then he said "A few hours ago I stood at the grave of my invalid mother, and as loving friends lowered her crippled body into the ground, I realized that I could not logically answer the argument of her wonderful life?  He then went on to tell me that what he wanted most was that which made his mother what she was.  The words "...what she was" really caught my attention.

What made her what she was, was her faithful relationship to Jesus.  In just a few minutes I shared the "FAITH" story with this young man and for the very first time in his life he began a real walk of faith.  He found Christ not in the power of logic, but through the power of a quiet, godly life.

As we continue to work our way through the Book of Acts on Sunday mornings, I am continually impressed that the Kingdom was not built on proper theology but rather a relationship with Jesus. Theology is good and helps us to understand and may even help us with the practice of our faith.  But faith based on theology, knowledge, and logic will leave us wanting.  Only Christ.... Christ alone.... can feel the void in our lives.

This is my story...