Not in the loop?  Not sure what I am referring to?  "New England Confectionery Company" has gone out of business after serving their Sweethearts conversation candy for over 100 years.  I still remember in Kindergarten sorting out the sweet, chalky, candies on my table trying to find just the right one for each of my classmates.  Everyone knew that "love me" or "kiss me" could not be given to just anyone.  Those were reserved for those very special individuals in my life.  "Hug me" or "your special" could be given to close friends on the next level down.  Of course, "smile" or "like you" could be given to just anyone.

By the third grade I would search through the all boxes to find all of the "kiss me" hearts. These were reserved for Penelope Fotopolous, my first crush.  Of course, I never built up enough nerve to give them to her and I am not really sure she even knew that she was "my girlfriend."   I really thought we had a future but after elementary school graduation we went separate ways to embark upon our middle school education.

It was around this time that the candy hearts became silly.  They were replaced with hair pulling, note passing, and awkward school dances.  Those awkward school dances were where mature romantics, like me, could excel.  I could stand a full 3 hours with the guys along one wall and never once set foot on the dance floor.  I knew I was cool and suspected that every girl along the other wall had their eyes on me.  Who needed candy hearts?

But in high school and college the hearts made a comeback.  "Kiss me," "hug me," and yes finally "love me" meant something.  Jan laughed after our first kiss--the mustache tickled!  I knew then that the "love me" heart would be reserved for only one woman.

Later the hearts changed.  "Love me" "kiss me" "hug me" were replaced with "call me" "text me" and "instagram?"  There was no longer a need to deliver the hearts in person you just simply texted an imagine of one with your iphone.   A real kiss was replaced with images of lips passing through cyperspace and landing on that special person's electronic device.  Maybe that is why NECCO closed their doors.

If the candy hearts ever make a comeback, they will have to create a whole new breed for me.  I think a few would be "tums" "10 pm-bedtime" or maybe "love my grandkids."  However, I am sure I will continue to find a use for "love me" and "love you."

This is my story...