Seems like a foolish question, but is it really?  In this busy world there is little time to think.  How often have you heard someone say "I'll tell you what I think" only to have them repeat what someone else has said.  We are constantly bombarded with social media, radio, and television.  We are no longer required to think...we just share what someone else has posted.  Often times, without even checking to see if it is true or not.  

It is really a pity that people no longer take the time to think.  People might become better at their jobs, better citizens, and more importantly, better people if they would just sometimes stop and think.

But equally as bad are people who stop and think...but only think bad thoughts.  I recently saw a movie where the lead character had this line "I've hung onto every bit of rubbish there is in life to hang onto, and I've thrown all the good bits away."  Thoughts do not need to be of guilt, self-pity, defeat, or rubbish.  It may be that some people do not stop to think because their thoughts always takes them to a dark and hurtful place.  

Paul, in writing to the Philippians (4:8) reminded them to think on things that were true, honorable, right, pure, lovely and of good report.   Maybe if we would stop and think every now and then we might want to evaluate if something is true.  Is it honorable?  Is it right?  Is it pure? Is it lovely and of good report?  Is it worthy of being repeated?  

I have some friends that would have not been injured...had they thought before they leaped.

I have some friends that would not have destroyed relationships....had they thought before they spoke.

I have some other friends who are brilliant if they would just take the time to think...they would make wonderful contributions to those who live around them.

This is my story...