For those who tend to be workaholics, taking time off for anything is difficult.  Some even brag about the number of vacation days they have earned that they never take.  I have a tendency to be like that at times.  I often see going on a mission trip as a vacation.  Although mission trips are fun it is not the same as taking time for yourself.

Jan and I just recently took some vacation time and went to Myrtle Beach for a week.  I now have a renewed value for vacation time.

First we rested.  Although we did a lot of things, we had plenty of time to rest.  Not being on a set schedule and being able to decide when and where we were going was a great value for both of us.  We never felt pushed to leave something we were enjoying to go to something else.  Except for the moment Jan fled the scene while we were feeding the fish.  Evidently seagulls like fish food!  They came from every where.  Jan does not like seagulls so she felt the need to rapidly stop feeding the fish and move on to something else.

Which brings me to my second observation, we laughed.  Although Jan and I are happy people...there is something good about just laughing for the sake of laughing.  We laughed with each other (I did more laughing during the seagull incident), we laughed at children we saw playing or seeing Santa, we laughed at the comedians who entertained us at the Christmas Shows we attended.  When they say "laughter is good medicine" they, whoever "they" are, are correct.  I knew healing had come when we laughed hysterically as a sign that read "Shark toot for sale."  

We also re-booted.  I know that is a computer term and should not be applied to "real" life.  But it is the best term to describe reassessing priorities.  Jan and I reaffirmed our love for one another and our need to be together.  I cannot imagine life without her.  That is why I make sure there are never any seagulls around our house!  

I could go on about the value of our vacation--we saw some old friends, saw some great shows, did our Christmas shopping, etc.  

My part of the vacation had a bonus.  While Chris and Torie are in China I had the privilege of keeping our granddaughter, Elsie, for two days.  Something about playing with her and cuddling her while she slept reminded me of the value of life and each precious day God gives to us.  It also reminded me I am not as young as I use to be--those two days exhausted me.  I am glad to be back at work so I can get some rest!  I have a greater appreciation for mothers who take care of children all day.

When Jesus said, "I have come that you might have life, and have it abundantly," He was totally right.  Life can be abundant and full for those who grow to appreciate it.

This is my story...