Seems like a foolish question doesn't it?  I can only imagine that no one would throw away $86,390 simply because someone had robbed $10 from them.  I believe most would move on with their life and enjoy the remaining $86,390.  That is just good old fashion, plain, common sense.  So why would you ask such a simple, easy to answer question, you might ask.

Let me see if I can add some relevance to the question.  Every day I have 86,400 seconds to live.  I have no more and no less.  I cannot repeat any of those seconds.  I cannot add more at the end of the day.  Everyone has been given the exact same 86,400 seconds.  No one, no matter how rich or poor, gets one second more.  It boils down to the stewardship of those 86,400 seconds.  That is a religious way of say....what really matters it what I do with the 86,400 seconds given to me.  

When someone robs me of 10 seconds with a negative contact, angry statement, or impolite gesture I have a decision to make.  How much of my remaining 86,390 seconds will I invest in this particular issue. Some invest all the remaining seconds of that day, the next day, and even longer.  It is called "holding a grudge."   Some invest the whole remaining seconds of their lives, miserably holding on to a grudge.

Just a suggestion for this Christmas....instead of throwing away 86,390 because someone robs you of 10 seconds...let those 10 seconds go.  Instead of holding a grudge....move on.  Instead of making yourself miserable why not invest some of your seconds in helping someone else.  It seems like common sense and simple, and yet I constantly have to remind myself of this simple principle.  It really does not come takes practice.  I have found that one of the best times to practice the principle is around the holidays.

This is my story...