For example, one can grow weary of the political ads attacking people of opposite views.  Of course, it is never good to air out your personal grievances in such a public way.  Even the "share if you love Jesus" posts often have negative connotations.  So, we can all agree that social media does have a negative side.

However, there are some positive sides.  For example, I connected yesterday with a young lady who was in the youth group that I was a part of in Detroit, Michigan.  I am sure we have not talked or seen each other in over 20 years, maybe more.  But out of nowhere came an electronic "wave."  We chatted for a while last night.  We talked about old friends and updated each other, as best we could, as to who was where and what they were doing.  We talked about our parents.  We talked about church.  Most of all, we talked about good times.

Of course, hidden away in our conversation, there were some reminders to some bad times.  The bottom line is that it reminded us of our journey through life, and a short time we journeyed together.

We were brought together because of our Faith.  We were part of a youth group that worshipped together, prayed together, played together, and learned together.  We enjoyed Vacation Bible School together.  We celebrated birthdays in the basements of our homes together.  We did not listen to contemporary Christian music (it didn't exist).  We did find ourselves drawn to good old Southern Gospel music.

Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church is no longer in existence.  The building is still there but the people have been scattered all across the United States.  The product of that little church, in the heart of Detroit, continues to influence lives even today.   We should never underestimate what God can, and will do, through a strong youth group.

So, here's to you Debbie Joyce (bet you haven't heard that in a while).  And here's to you Terry, Debbie, Kevin, Darla, Rhonda, Sheila, Johnny, Jackie, Kim, Sandy, and I am sure my aging brain cannot remember all the names.  Thank you for being the very best youth group I have ever been a part of.  Thanks for the memories, but most of all thanks for the hope.  

This is my story...