October is the only month that you have college football, pro football, and the World Series all in one month.  I hope that when we get to heaven the calendar is stuck on the month of October.  In his book It's Anybody's Ballgame, Hall of Fame sports broadcaster Joe Garagiola has a chapter called "God in a Sweatshirt," raising some questions about which team God roots for when both sides pray to Him.

He tells this story about his friend Yogi Berra:

When he came up to bat, a baseball player noted for his piousness always marked a cross with his bat in the dirt next to home plate.  When he did this in a game against the New York Yankees, catcher Berra, also a religious man, reached over and rubbed out the cross with his catcher's mitt.  "Why don't yah just let God watch the game?" Berra said.

If prayers really helped teams win, then I suspect that teams with names like the Saints, the Cardinals, the Padres, and the Friars would always have the edge. 

Another story reflects another viewpoint of prayer in baseball.  Pat Kelly, a free-swinging outfield with the Baltimore Orioles several year ago, was married to a minister's daughter and always went to chapel before games.  On day, Kelly encountered his manager, Earl Weaver (sort of a rough around the edges kind of guy).

"Earl," Kelly said, "I feel great.  I've just left the chapel, and once again I've learned to walk with the Lord."

"Too bad you didn't learn how to walk with bases loaded," Weaver replied.

Not to give up, Kelly probed deeper "When was the last time you got down on your knees and prayed, Skip?

"The last time I sent you up to pinch hit," Weaver replied.

The movie "A League of Their Own" taught us there is no "crying in baseball."  I would propose there is also on "praying in baseball." Oh sure, a prayer before the game to ask God to keep one from injury or to help them do their best would be totally acceptable.  However, if God is involved in the game I would think he would be in the loser's locker room.  What I know of God He is always on the side of the outcast, the hurting, and the suffering.

With that in mind.....GO BRAVES...….and we will be praying for the Dodgers.

This is my story...