It was such an earth-shattering day it is simply known by the date 9/11.  As December 7, 1941 was burned into the memory of Americans living at that time, so September 11, 2001 has been burned into the memories of those who saw it unfold on national television.  2,996 people got up that morning to go about their regular routine and died tragically before noon that day.  6,000 others suffered injuries while over $10 billion in infrastructure and property damage occurred.  Unnumbered others have since died from cancer and respiratory disease as an effect of that tragic day.  Thousands of New Yorkers watched it unfold in real life while millions of Americans across the nation watched it on national T.V.  Across the globe citizens of the planet we live on watched, some in glee while most in horror, as the twin towers in New York collapsed to the ground.

The day has not just been burned in to the memories of the human race, there is also video footage that records the event so future generations can not only read about it but watch it over and over again.  Year after year around 9/11 I watch the video record of that day and have some of the same emotions as when I first learned of the attack on the actual day.  The anger, grief, disappointment, confusion, and shock are still very active emotions.

The decade after that day was turbulent.  Conspiracy theories sprung up, wars broke out, and the search for Osama began.  National security was tightened, the TSA was birthed, and the awareness of terrorism took center stage.   Although I often complain about security lines at the airport and having to be scanned to see the Braves play at SunTrust field, I know it is our attempt to protect us from a terrorist attack--either foreign or domestic.  Very few days in history have impacted life as much as 9/11.

Even though 9/11 as impacted my life so dramatically I still hold to a very basic principle of my faith:  The God who was on his throne before 9/11/2001, is the same God who was on His throne during the attack, after the attack, and is still on His throne today.  That may be simplistic and not answer all the questions, but it gives me hope.  In a world that seems to be getting crazier and crazier before my very eyes...I need hope.   Many find hope in different places and many are turning away from places where they use to turn for hope--the church.  However, I still hold firm that the best hope I can find is in a God who continually loves me unconditionally and encourages me to love others.

This is my story...