I remember when we use to go back to school after Labor Day.  I am not sure what the rational was, unless it had something to do with wearing white (for those of you are old enough to remember that you were not supposed to wear white after Labor Day). Any way we had three months of Summer vacation, June, July and all of August.  Families took "summer" vacations.  Boys played baseball.  Since I had no sisters I have no idea what the girls did all summer.  We all knew that the Tuesday after Labor Day we would all be joining together into our respective schools with the first English assignment:  a theme--What I did on my Summer Vacation.

I must admit, it was a simpler time.  No one ever thought about school safety and security.  We did not have "Code Red" drills like many schools this past week.  We could expect the annual "fire drill" that everyone knew was coming and no one took seriously.  Although I went to school during the race riots in the 1960's in Detroit, school was still considered a safe place to be.  Walking to school was not unheard of and never did we hear about active shooters.  As part of the ROTC rifle team I shot live ammunition in the basement of my high school every morning on the rifle range.  

It seems like every time school starts back I hear someone blame all evils on the absence of school prayer.  When Dr. Richard Halverson was the U.S. Senate chaplain, he spoke before a group of evangelicals who had expressed their anger about the Congress's inactivity about school prayer.  They were irritated that Congress had not acted with a strong initiative to restore prayer in schools. To these who were seeking greater initiative from the government, Dr. Halverson asked, "How many of you have prayed with your children this month, outside church?"   Nobody raised their hand.  Spiritual initiative starts in the home, no on Capitol Hill.

Faith in God at home should be reflected in integrity, honesty, manners, kindness, respect for others, etc.  

Our problem is much deeper than "prayer in school."  I would like to see a reinstatement of "prayer at home."

This is my story...