I looked at him and said, "surely it is not time for Christmas."

I went home and saw an advertisement for a store that read "Christmas in July!"  I said to myself, "surely it is not time for Christmas."

Turned on the television and started surfing through the channels and came across a Christmas movie.  Evidently that channel has been showing Christmas movies through the whole month of July.  I said to myself, "surely it is not time for Christmas."

My 9-month-old granddaughter, Elsie has already started giving me her Christmas list!  OK! OK! "Surely it is not time for Christmas."

But maybe it is.  I guess it really is not too early to start thinking about Christmas.  After all the Jews waiting hundreds of years for the coming of the Messiah, and then when He came they did not recognize Him.  The beauty of where we are today is that we get to relive year after year that wonderful moment when the "Word of God became flesh and dwelt among us."  Year after year we get to imagine the King of Glory slipping into this world through the backdoor of a dirty, smelly stable.  Our anticipation usually beings in JULY!

My point being, since we celebrate the birth of Christ year after year it is difficult for us to sometimes understand the significance of the event.  It is easier for us to have no room for Him in our Inn, so to speak.

I want to challenge each of you to take the next 5 months, 147 days, and once again reflect on Christmas.  Once again, live the anticipation, feel the excitement, explore the wonder, and enjoy the celebration of the coming of the Messiah.  It is not a time of depression and despondency but rather a time to recognize that He came to us when we needed a Savior and become all that we could never be!  Every heart who has found life in Him should rejoice for God makes all things new!

By the way, I am using some quotes from the narration of the Christmas Musical Larry gave me--it is filled with some good stuff!

I guess it really is time for Christmas!

This is my story...