My last Steve's Story was written on May 31, 2018.  That is one way of saying Wow!, is has really been a busy Summer thus far.  Three things have dominated my June thus far.

First, I am the chairman of the search team that is looking for the new Executive Director for the Atlanta Metro Baptist Association.  Through the process I have met some new friends and come to know some other friends better.  I have also become more familiar with the work of the Atlanta Metro Baptist Association.  I have been most impressed by our church planters and their difficult task of starting new churches among different people groups.  I am so glad North River is a part of this unique and diverse association.

Second, the majority of my June has been taken up by our Mission Serve trip to Buckhorn, KY.  For the second year in a row we have been ministered to as we seek to minister in this very unique place. My mind is filled with kids with lower functioning autism like Tommy and Jeremiah.  I have new friends who function on a higher level like Ernie and Matthew.  And what a blessing it was to meet and work with the girls like Carmen and Selena.  Not to mention our many friends who came from Alabama, South Carolina and Georgia.   My head is just filled with stories after stories of how God works in and through us to minister to the needs of those who have often been overlooked.  Working alongside so many from North River made me both proud and humble.  I have the privilege of serving in one of the best churches ever.

And then Last, I have been walking through the process of finding a house with my daughter, Courtney.  For several months now, we have been in the process of house hunting.  It seems like we have experienced all the emotions a person can have in this very hot real estate market:  excitement, hope, disappointment, frustration, anger, peace, PATIENCE!  It looks like, once again, God has worked as only He can and the journey for a new home is coming to an end.  

I guess I say all this to say...God is very much actively involved in our lives when we choose to be aware of His presence.  Many times, we wait for God to do something spectacular and fail to see the day to day.  Seeing God in the face of a child with autism or watching a person come to Christ and being baptized seem routine, but often it is there we see the awesomeness of God.  Interacting with others may seem trivial (especially in the age of texting), but sometimes in the conversation with others we hear the voice of God.  Being patient is not easy but waiting on the Lord always brings the best to our lives.

Nothing about life is routine and normal--it is filled with God.

This is my story...