I know that sounds trivial to you, but it reminded me of my mother.  With the invention of the microwave she could make a cup of coffee last all day, and sometimes even up until the early evening.  I always thought it was funny--but here I am doing the exact same thing.  I guess I have her in my thoughts as we approach Mother's Day.  With all of her quirks and eccentric behavior I loved her dearly and miss her, especially around Mother's Day and Christmas.  There is no doubt she was a great influence on my life.

I also have a second mother figure in my life, Eudell Gray.  You have seen her name on our prayer list and have heard me speak of her.  She, and her husband Bill, gave me a room on the week-ends in their home while I served Rivelon Baptist Church as their minister of youth.  We then lived right next door to them when I became the pastor of Rivelon.  Those were some of the greatest years in my life.  Every Sunday after church we could not wait to sit around her table for ham, macaroni and cheese, green bean casserole...O my gosh, and can almost taste it now.  I was adopted into a family of laughter, kindness, and compassion.  Eudell Gray, with all of her southern charm, influenced my life like no other.

On this Mother's Day I am also reminded of one of the greatest mothers ever, my wife Jan!  From the days she would let the girls splash her while taking a bath to accepting graciously the role of grandmother--Jan is the best.  The days have quickly passed from the day I held Heather in my arms for the very first time and realized that I was the luckiest man on the planet.  Together we have watched our girls go through various hairstyles, clothing trends, and one teen crisis after another.  She listened when they needed to talk, explained to me what I did not understand, and often kept my over protective emotions in check.  Our girls are who they are today because of their mother, and we are so proud of all three of our girls.  The influential role of mother is something Jan has taken seriously, and her investment has paid great dividends.

I am sure there are many mother figures out there who have taken that role seriously.  These three rise to the surface in my life and I am sure there are some you will be reminded of this Sunday.  A little bit of advice for those new mothers out there:  The quickest way for a mother to get her children's attention is to sit down and look comfortable.  I think I just heard a collective "Amen" from all of the experienced mothers in the world!

Happy Mothers Day.

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