I know my friend, Matt, tells me it is still early in the season.  I know there is a lot of baseball still to be played.  I know this is a rebuilding year.  I know all of that stuff, I just can't help it.  My name is Steve and I am a "baseball junkie!"  As of the time of writing this Steve's Story......THE BRAVES ARE IN FIRST PLACE!!  The Detroit Tigers are in second place (just a little side item)....but HOW 'BOUT THEM BRAVES!

I know Steve's Story is usually a place where I tell a story with a spiritual truth behind it.  Sometimes funny, sometimes inspirational, sometimes even on time...but not often.  However, will you just humor me this one time as I join together two of the greatest loves of my life....My faith and baseball.  I call it the 5th (Freddie Freeman's number) Psalm of Baseball.

The Lord is my Manager;
I shall not quit.
He maketh me to run
in green outfields.
He leadeth me along 
the straight basepaths.
He restoreth my place
in the heavenly lineup.
He leadeth me in reading
life's signals
for His game's sake.
Even though I walk up to
a volley of devilish pitches,
I will fear no strikeout,
for Thou are with me.
Thou dost promise me a bonus
in the presence of my opponents.
Thou anointest my sore spots
with balm; my locker runneth over
Surely my statistics will be forgiven
me all the days of my life,
And I shall dwell in
the Eternal Hall of Fame!

Ok, that's it.  I apologized if my over zealous baseball fever offended anyone.  However, let me remind you that it is my opinion that all we do in Heaven is play baseball......so you better get use to it.

This is my story...