I met Scott in the early part of 1997.  It is hard to believe that was twenty-one years ago.  The church I pastored was searching for a new Minister of Music and the search committee wanted me to meet Scott.  Those first few awkward moments of meeting a new person quickly faded away and a friendship was born.  I can spend a lot of time talking about his qualifications and achievements, but like most accolades those quickly fade into history.  What I really want to communicate about Scott is far more important than his degrees from Furman University and Southern Seminary.

The first thing I love about Scott is his sense of humor.  From his unique selection of socks to his practical jokes, Scott is a funny guy.  Scott resigned his position at the church this past Sunday....but that is not the first time he resigned.  He once gave me his letter of resignation on April Fools Day.  That was really a fun day for me, but that is another story!  Even now when I talk with Scott on the phone or in person the conversation is filled with laughter.  He even uses laughing emojis!!

I cannot even begin to share with you his talent.  Scott's beautiful voice often took us to the throne of grace as he would lead us in worship.  There is more to just singing a song well when it comes to worship.  One has to see that you believe what you are singing.  There was never a doubt when Scott led worship that he believed every word of what he was singing.  That genuineness in worship is something I appreciate most in Scott. 

I know my words fall short in adequately describing my friend, however, I just want to be able to say something in light of the recent developments in his life.  Maybe all I need to say is I consider Scott a brother and a friend.  In over 20 years I have never questioned his friendship.  We have walked together through some similar hurts and have encouraged each other when we had to face some situations alone.  I have nervously waited with his wife while he had surgery and laughed at his smartass remarks while coming out of anesthesia.  He has stood by me when words could not be spoken.  

I would really be negligent if I did not mention the best thing about Scott....his wife Nancy.  I believe they met in their college days, although there is still some suspicion as to whether Nancy actually ever attended college.  They are a wonderful couple who faithfully every year observe the most important holiday--Valentine's Day.

Thank you for allowing me to ramble a bit.  I just needed to talk about my friend a bit.  My love and respect for Scott and Nancy is far beyond the words I can write or speak.  Thank you for you service, faithfulness, and most of all your friendship.  I love you my friend.

This is my story...