One time she was directing a children's Easter performance and overseeing the casting so that each child felt comfortable with his or her role.  One boy insisted he wanted to be the rock in front of the garden tomb.  Although the play did not require someone to play the rock in front of the tomb she was very intrigued by the request.

"Wouldn't you like to have speaking role?" she asked him.  She offered many other roles that she had available, roman soldier, angel, one of the disciples, etc.  She offered him parts that had major speeches, as well as parts that had just a few minor lines.  She even offered him parts that required no speaking at all.  But in the end, he would have no other part but the rock in front of the tomb.  So, the director wrote a part just for him.  He was to stand behind the prop designed to be the rock in front of the tomb.  At the appointed time in the performance he was to simply walk to his left hold the rock--giving the impression that the rock was being moved by some invisible force.

The presentation went smoothly, and the rock moved just at the right time.  After the performance she, once again, asked the boy why he wanted to play the rock.

His smile beamed as he proclaimed "Oh, it felt so good to let Jesus out of the tomb."

It feels so much better to be about "life and living" than it does when we are focused on "death and dying."

Please humor has been a long few weeks and I am tired and just a little weary--will you endure one more story...

A certain doctor wondered why his practice was decreasing.  He consulted a physician friend who agreed to spend a few days in the office and observe his methods.  After an hour, his friend had the answer.  "Doctor, you will have to stop humming Nearer My God to Thee when writing out a prescription!!"


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