Dr. King once said, "I still believe that standing up for the truth of God is the greatest thing in the world.  This is the end of life.  The end of life is not to be happy.  The end of life is not to achieve pleasure and avoid pain.  The end of life is to do the will of God, come what may."

His "dream" is still alive in the thoughts and actions of many today who are still seeking equality for all men.

In the concentration camp at Flossenburg, shortly before it was liberated by the allied forces, Dietrich Bonhoeffer was executed by special order of Heinrich Himmler.  For innumerable Christians in Germany, on the continent, in England, and in America, Dietrich Bonhoeffer's death has been a contemporary confirmation of Tertullian's dictum, "The blood of the martyrs is the seed of the church."  Bonhoeffer's life, death, and writings are still alive in the church today.

Six years before his imprisonment by the Gestapo Bonhoeffer had written, "When Christ calls a man, He bids him come and die."

Over 2,000 years ago Jesus prayed "Not my will but yours be done," and then laid down his life in perfect obedience to God.  Of course, this past Sunday we celebrated the resurrection that followed that cruel death on a cross.  For over 2,000 years the story of Jesus's sacrifice has been bringing hope, forgiveness, and peace to the world His father loved so much.

Followers of Christ must be responsible, obedient in their action, and growing in discipleship in every situation of concrete everyday life, personal and public.  I may never be called upon to lay down my life, but I must be ready to do so if called upon.  I may never impact the world such as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Dietrich Bonhoeffer, or even Jesus, but I must make every day count for the Kingdom of which I am a part.  I am not a sinner who thinks he is a saint, but rather a saint who knows he is a sinner.....saved by grace.

What sacrifice, as a sinner saved by grace, are you willing to make today?

This is my story...