Often that teaching comes as a result of an incident, something I have seen, or heard that reminds me of the upcoming Sunday sermon.  This Sunday I will be addressing the subject I Believe--in the Resurrection.  Of course, all of our attention will be on the resurrection of Jesus and the hope we have in Him.  Jesus said to Mary and Martha, when they questioned the death of their brother Lazarus, "I am the Resurrection."  Recently those words have become powerful in my life journey.

They believe it started with a common cold.  Something that most of us see as an inconvenience that causes our nose to run.  However, for someone with asthma, it can be critical.  The attack caused her to stop breathing.  Although her father was there and quickly began CPR, she was without oxygen for a critical period of time.  As I write this Steve's Story I am praying for a 14 year old young lady who lies unconscious in a PICU room at Scottish Rite hospital waiting for an MRI this afternoon.  

We have watched her mom and dad go through the pain and suffering associated with this type of tragedy.  We have heard them whisper over and over again, why?  We have all prayed that the next time the doctor enters the room he would bring some wonderful news of a miracle.  Only to be disappointed and thrown back into the bondage of despair.  I have struggled for the right words to say--knowing that they are hanging on every word for some glimpse of hope. 

And then, for me, the teaching came.  Standing beside her bed alone and looking at her lifeless body I once again heard the words...."I am the Resurrection."  No, it was not the announcement of the miracle we have all prayed for.  It was the assurance that this was not the end but only the beginning.  I have to believe in the words "I am the Resurrection," if I must face these circumstances.  I must hold on to the truth that I not only have life but I also have eternal life.  

I wonder if Mary and Martha felt the same way this family feels.  They were given a few more years with their brother Lazarus, but I wonder what they thought THE NEXT TIME HE DIED.  I cannot help but believe that they proclaimed loudly for all to hear "He is the Resurrection!"

And so, we who believe continue to make know that truth to all who will listen.

This is my story...