Michigan equipment manager Jon Falk had a great big problem.  In an important game against Purdue in 1980 he could not find a backup jersey for his co-captain, All American, center, George Lilja.  The battle of the game had been fierce that at one point during the game his jersey was so ripped up he had to come out and replace it.  Thus, the problem, Jon Falk could not find a backup jersey that would allow, who some said was the best center in the country, to re-enter the most important game of the season.

As a matter of fact, Falk never found a replacement jersey, but he still solved his problem.  Frantically he looked for a jersey while a key member of the offensive line stood helplessly by as the game rolled on without him.  Eventually, a desperate Falk noticed a freshman center Doug James standing nearby oblivious to all the activity around him because he was watching the game with such intensity.  Falk walked over to James, pulled his jersey over his head, and handed it to Lilja.

Problem solved.

After the game, an excited friend of James' called him up to say he couldn't believe they had put him in at center in a game as big as Purdue.  "I couldn't believe it either," James replied.

Problems are such a part of our everyday life that a whole day with a single problem ranks right up there with a government without taxes, a Michigan Wolverine team that never, ever loses a game, and perfect health for our whole lifetime.  We just can't imagine a day with a single problem.

But that's life.  Even Jesus had his share of problems, especially with those twelve guys he associated with.  Jesus could have easily removed all problems from his daily walk, but what would that have taught us.  Our goal is to become life Jesus, and we could never fashion ourselves after a man who didn't encounter job stress, criticism, loneliness, temptation, frustration, and discouragement.  Instead Jesus showed us that when--not if--problems come, a person of faith uses them to get better rather than letting the problems use him to get bitter.

Problems will pass.

This is my story...