There is one group that seems to think it is appropriate to decorate the tree, etc. in early November or even October.  While others hold to the more traditional view that nothing Christmas should be visible until after the Thanksgiving feast.  At my house we have traditionally tried to purchase our live tree on the Sunday night after Thanksgiving.  It has been our experience that we can keep the live tree looking good until Christmas Day--it generally falls apart on the day after Christmas.

Artificial trees have contributed to the before or after Thanksgiving debate.  After all, an artificial tree can stay up all year round!  I have even considered creating a business for year long artificial trees--It could be the Christmas tree in December, the New Year tree in January, the Super Bowl tree in February, etc.  I really do think there is a market for such an item.  Just think of the fortune you could make selling Fourth of July tree decorations for your Independence Day tree in July. Larry Bennett just came into my office and I shared this idea with him.  He feels like we could have LED lights for the outside that could be programed to change colors according to the celebration.  I have made him my business partner--we are going to be RICH!

Maybe I just hit the nerve.  People seem to be more upset about the whole idea of commercialization.  And maybe they are right.  Maybe we are too driven by making money at Christmas time.  But should we not be at least equally driven to tell the story of the Birth of Jesus.  If it were up to me, we would celebrate Christmas for six months from November to April and Easter for six months from May to October.  It would be a constant reminder of the Birth, Death and Resurrection of Jesus--should this not be the most important thing--especially to those who have acknowledged Him as the Messiah?

I am not upset when I see Christmas trees before Thanksgiving, or hear Christmas music in the stores in October, or even, hear my wife say, "we need to start the Christmas shopping" in July.  All of this reminds me of the most wonderful birth of Jesus.  Why should I limit that celebration to a specific time frame?

Happy Thanksgiving! and if it is not too premature.......Merry Christmas!

This is my story...