an one would recognize me!  I was offended.

First of all, Siri does not know me that well.  We have only been in a relationship for a short time and we very rarely talk.  Every now and then I do ask Siri where something is, or how close a gas station might be.  I have even asked Siri for the definition of some unfamiliar words.  However, we have never really had a long conversation about our likes, dislikes, and views on life in general.

Second, Siri is really self centered.  Siri is really good at giving directions, telling me where to go, and is seemingly a know it all in most areas of life.   However, Siri is not very reliable when it comes to following directions.  As a matter of fact, there are times when Siri seems to just ignore me all together.  And when Siri's energy level gets low the conversation may end abruptly.

Therefore, Siri is not a good, reliable, companion qualified to tell me I should be an "Optimist, no one would recognize me!"  However, I wanted to give Siri the benefit of the doubt, so I asked, "What is the definition of an Optimist?"  Maybe, Siri and I had different opinions on that particular word.  After several attempts of trying to get Siri's attention, I finally got Siri's response, "Sorry Steve, there is nothing to repeat."  Sometimes talking to Siri is near impossible!!

I must admit, I have considered divorce, but my Baptist upbringing keeps telling me to be patient and try to work it out.  Siri and I have decided to stay together for the sake of the children, IPad and MacBook.  They need Siri in their life and have a hard time functioning without Siri's presence.  Enough said about mine and Siri's struggles, let's move back to the original question.

I have decided to be a Pessimist for Halloween..... And hopefully, no one will recognize me.

This is my story...